Keynsham Foundation Phase


6 – 11 years old

Chronological age has to take account of the variability of gender, ability, maturation and the developmental needs of the individual.

In 2 LTPD Phases 6 – 8 & 8 – 11


Basic Techniques

“Ball and the wall” activities

Improving basic skills

Group practice

Games as the teacher

Interchange of positions

Invasion game principles

Playing other sports


A. B. C. s – Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Speed

K. G. B. – Kinesthesia (movement), Gliding (ice & snow, etc), Buoyancy (water)

C. P. K. – Catching, Passing, Kicking

R. J. T. – Running, Jumping, Throwing

Motor control, Multi-skills, Mixed activities



Imagination & Exploration

Avoiding anxiety and boredom

Progressive introduction to mental skills

Progressive group activities

Understanding games


Fun and enjoyment

Support from parents, schools and clubs

Inclusion and participation

Form relationships

Safe environment

Simple rules and ethics

Group behavior can be influenced as a foundation

PLAYERS AGED 6-11 (Foundation Phase):

The overriding aim of coaching players of this age will be to have them with a ball at their feet as much as possible although practices such as tag, throwing, catching, balancing, running etc. to develop agility and physical prowess are also of the utmost importance.
It is imperative that players have exposure to as many 1v1 and 2v1 situations as possible.

Emphasis will be on developing technical skills and ball control with both feet and in games they will be encouraged to take risks and be creative. It is imperative that practice recreates game situations as much as possible so small-sided games with targets or goals will always be heavily favoured over drills.

Any match time will be divided equally and regular positional rotation of players will occur to give players as many different experiences as possible and to help develop their understanding of the game.



  • Good communication and organises the defence
  • Adopts a high starting position when team in possession, ready to offer an angle for a back pass
  • Good control and distribution with both feet
  • Can vary distribution from the hands, always looking to start attacks
  • Quick reactions including when needed to block shots or intercept an opponent’s through ball
  • Very brave and a good shot-stopper

Wide Defender

  • Offers width when in possession & always ready to receive from goalkeeper
  • Loves to get forward and offer support to attackers (overlaps / combination play)
  • Strong and aggressive in 1v1 situations
  • Makes good decisions on when to press and when to hold
  • Communicates well with fellow defenders and understands how to defend as part of a unit (press, slide, drop etc.)
  • Loves tackling including blocking shots and crosses

Central Defender

  • Very strong and courageous and committed to winning 1v1 duels
  • Communicates well with fellow defenders and understands how to defend as part of a unit (press, slide, drop etc.)
  • Very good organisational skills, is focused and shows good concentration levels
  • Loves blocking shots, clearing the danger area and is good in the air
  • Comfortable on the ball and can take the ball into midfield
  • Can pass the ball short and long

Defensive Midfielder

  • Very efficient in possession with good pass success rate
  • A real team player who will protect the defenders
  • Good reader of the game who regains possession regularly; intercepts and tackles well
  • Aware of what is around him at all times (“can play through 360 degrees”)
  • Good range of passing, always looking to start attacks
  • Excellent stamina, tracks and marks opponents well and recovers quickly

Attacking Midfielder

  • Always available and able to receive the ball, even if under pressure
  • Will always look for space and offer an option to teammate in possession
  • Very creative and skillful and loves to have attempts on goal
  • Looks to play quickly and loves attacking defenders
  • Good passing skills and sees opportunities for combination play
  • Takes up good positions when opponents have possession, always being ready to counter attack

Wide Midfielder / Winger

  • Good receiving and turning skills and looks to play forward
  • Looks to isolate defenders and receive the ball in dangerous positions
  • Has explosive speed and excellent skill to consistently beat opponents 1v1
  • Provides supply of ball to teammates through accurate passing and good crossing ability
  • Loves to score goals and regularly gets into goal scoring positions himself
  • Always ready to press opponents when team not in possession and fill in for his attacking full back when required


  • Works very hard, always showing for teammates and providing an outlet whilst also pressing opponents when they have the ball
  • Excellent movement and positioning, always looking to attack space or create space for others
  • Creative and clever at set up play, linking with teammates for combination moves
  • Strong and aggressive to hold the ball up and keep possession
  • Good goal scoring abilities using a wide range of finishes with both feet and also headers
  • Always alert with good reaction skills and determination
  • Loves to attack 1v1 and gets shots on goal